Thane Direct

Thane Direct TV 12s Idents from George Cheng on Vimeo.

After successfully developing Thane TV’s on screen look and feel. Thane TV came to us once again, in order to help further develop the original origami type style that we originally deployed for them at the start of this year.

Working with Thom Bateman, (Thane TV’s branding consultant), Creative Director Peter Sinclair, helped deliver a number of clean and colorful animations, that abided by the new look & feel.

Using typography fundamentally in a playful yet informative manner, the 12” idents communicated in words, Thane TV own philosophical principles, by which they operate.

The latest idents produced will be the start of a number of other branded messages that Thane TV would like to get across to their viewers, as well as customers.

We here at Yumboxmedia will certainly look forward to gaining further enlightenment, as we produce more of these rather nice, yet simple promotional pieces upon their behalf. So as always, keep watching this space.

Creative Director – Peter Sinclair (Yumboxmedia)
Special Effect Animator – George Cheng
Music Production – Ian Nicholls over at Kick
Brand Consultant – Thom Bateman (Thane TV)